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The Forever Legends:Acrotheos Trailer

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The Forever Legends:Acrotheos Trailer

Director of Photography - Lumera Camera

Welcome to Lumera Productions.

We provide multi-camera video streaming/webcasts for events and concerts. We also provide production and post-production support for small to mid-size projects. We understand that proper planning and management are key to a successful production. Need a special piece of equipment for your project? We can get it. Need a creative solution to a creative problem? We can figure it out. With over 20 years of technical experience in a wide range of areas from audio, video, video camcorders, film cameras and computer technologies in live audio, television and film industries we have the technical know how or know the right people to make your project successful. With our post-production services we will make sure your project is completed to the highest quality for your end result whether it be web, DVD/BluRay or Theatrical release. We are also not afraid of the unknown and unventured. If there is a piece of your project that is new territory we will take the challenge on in an honest, sincere and non-stressful way. Click the 'services' menu at the top to find out more about what we provide!

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NEW! Lumera now provides webcasting service for wedding ceremonies! See our services page for details!

The Forever Legends Trailer is Live!

Lumera supports the Somenos Marsh Conservation Society